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Outdoor Pursuits at Lowood and nearby

During your stay at Lowood, why not get the activities to come to you. Brian Bland is a local outdoor pursuits expert who can bring a range of fun experiences to you and your group at the house. Whether you would all like to learn archery one afternoon, or maybe laser clay shooting, Brian will come to you complete with all the necessary equipment. He can also host fun activities and team building for both adults and kids at Lowood. Or maybe you'd prefer to try your hand at Clay Shooting. Brian is a local expert who will arrange and lead your group off-site to learn this thrilling new skill. 


Experienced in leading both adults and children, and with maximum group size of up to 50,  Brian offers a unique opportunity to enjoy outdoor pursuits in a glorious location. 


Brian came to Lowood and taught us archery. We were 4 adults and 5 kids - then oldest being 14 and the youngest being 7. Some of the adults had done it before, but most of us were new to it. Brian was such a fun teacher. He made sure everyone was fully briefed on the safety elements, and then, after some training, we had an archery competition. Everyone hit the target, everyone had fun and everyone wants to do it again! Thank you Brian!


To contact Brian, visit his website or call him directly on 07875 688167 quoting Lowood House.

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